Newcomers help lead MIT B’s to victory

Teams:MIT vs Old Gold B's
Played:09/12/2015 @ MIT
Score: 25 - 5 MIT win

MIT were able to show the depth of the club as they put out an entirely different roster for the second match of the day (much to the delight of Toro and other front rowers). Despite little playing time together, and having to deal with slug-ref John G., the MIT B’s came together to put on an entertaining performance. Reluctant front-rower Martin led the forwards as they were able to give clean ball for Chandler to feed the backs. Chandler did an excellent job managing the forwards and backs up and down the field. The scoring for MIT started when flyhalf Aaron broke through the line. Rookie Matt was there in support and scored his first try for MIT.

In the second half, Old Gold scored but MIT answered soon after. The forwards turned the scrum and Aaron fed Chris L, who broke through the line and offloaded to Alex, who ran a long meandering line for the corner, despite everyone on the sideline yelling at him to run straight. The forwards were able to turn the ball over in a ruck and Chandler fed Sondre, “Sonny D,” who was playing in his first ever rugby game. Sondre may not know much about rugby, but he sure knows how to find the try zone, as he ran over 30 meters for his first ever try. Newcomer John F. has a little more rugby experience, and he followed this up with a long try of his own. John F. took the ball off a breakdown and broke through a tackle to clear his way for the try. Aaron finished off the scoring with a triple juke move to put him over the line. The 3 defenders who were juked failed to keep their eyes on Aaron’s hips as they instead were focused on his moustache.

There was a lot of promise shown from some other new faces as well. Rookie Christian had some aggressive runs. Steen forced a turnover liked he forces himself upon bar tables and also had several hard runs. Overall it was a strong performance and several players put their hands and moustaches up for selection.

Man of the Match: Aaron