MIT B's lose close match to Old Gold

Teams:MIT vs Old Gold B's
Played:10/17/2015 @ Moakley Park, Boston, MA
Score: 5 - 12 MIT loss

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, the MIT B’s took on Old Gold at Moakley Park in Boston, MA. With varying opposition numbers each week, the MIT B’s never know whether they will be playing 15’s, 10’s, 7’s or some other variation of the game. This week it was 10’s and MIT put out a solid lineup of young recruits and savvy veterans. There was a lot of free running with all of the extra space on the field. Forward Matt had perhaps the longest run of the day, after he picked up a loose ball and found plenty of wide open space in front of him. He was taken down well short of the goal line, but MIT, playing with 2 scrum-halves in the back-line, eventually spun the ball wide to Hacksaw. Hacksaw, doing double duty for the day at wing, sidestepped his man to make it 5-0. Old Gold fought back with some long runs of their own. Their #24 broke free and appeared to be heading in for the try but was chased down by newcomer Jim and Hacksaw who prevented Old Gold from scoring. Chris L., man of the match from the previous 2 weeks, had another long run in the first half, but MIT were unable to capitalize. Before the half, the Old Gold #24 got the ball and broke several tackles on his way to tying the game at 5-5.

The second half began and Chris L. pulled off his patented tackle-steal-the-ball combo to give possession back to MIT. Old Gold turned the ball back over. MIT kept them from scoring with solid tackling from scrum-half Chandler. MIT were threatening in the second half, and scrum-half #2 Marc drew in his defender and lofted a beautiful pass to his support runner, but Chris L. tried to catch it with his face, knocking the ball on in the process. Old Gold then worked the ball down into MIT territory, and their backs attacked the weak side and their winger touched down to make it 12-7. Old Gold were also able to pull off the seemingly impossible by committing a high tackle penalty on tallest-guy-on-the-field Aaron.

Man of the Match: Chandler