Pair of hat tricks lead to 3rd straight victory for MIT

Teams:MIT vs Freedom RFC
Played:10/15/2016 @ MIT
Score: 46 - 15 MIT win

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, MIT hosted Freedom RFC at Briggs Field on another perfect fall day. There was a 20 minute kickoff delay as Freedom’s jersey bag decided to show up fashionably late. MIT and their punctual jerseys were the aggressors from the start. A well executed back-line move put winger Sam into space. Sam broke off a long run but was tackled short of the goal line. After a stop in play the referee forced fullback Jona to adjust his illegal leggings. Shortly after that a Freedom forward grabbed Cody by the leg and would not let go, perhaps because he thought that Cody too was wearing illegal leggings. The ref blew the whistle and MIT opted for the penalty kick but was unable to convert. MIT was given another penalty a minute later but was unable to convert that kick either. A few minutes later MIT was given a third penalty kick. At this point Coach Sean considered bringing on a sub for sub Sasha, who was wearing down from sprinting back and forth to deliver the kicking tee. After Long shanked his 3rd penalty kick, MIT finally said, “Screw it let’s just score tries.”

Sam fielded a Freedom kick and passed to Jona who kicked an up-and-under. Freedom dropped the kick and Sam picked it up and scampered in for the try to make it 7-0. Cody then secured a line-out and another back-line move put Jona into space. Jona was tackled but center Simon was there to support and quickly recycled to winger Eric for his first try of the day. Art forced a big turnover when he blocked a kick and then scooped up his own block. Fly-half James recycled quickly to Eric, who sidestepped one defender and outpaced another for his second try. Coach Sean called on a sub for the original kicking tee, which apparently made a difference as James made the conversion to make it 19-0. MIT put together multiple phases with strong runs over the gain line and quick recycling. This led to a long try for James to make it 24-0. Right before the half MIT found themselves in a bit of trouble. After a succession of penalties (and a seemingly endless number of quick-taps), Freedom were at MIT’s goal line with yet another penalty. They again quick-tapped and spun wide to one of their forwards who was setting up some type of trick play. Martin read the play the whole way and intercepted the pass. Martin said, "OK, that's enough for me" and offloaded to Eric, who ran 95 meters for the try and the hat trick to make it 29-0 at the half.

Freedom started out strong in the second half as they moved down the field with strong forward carries and dumb MIT penalties. They scored off a quick tap to make it 29-5. After a few injuries, second row Alex brexited to the centers in a move that would pay off for the union of backs. Alex scooped up a low pass and ran through several defenders for his first try. Simon converted to make it 36-5. Alex followed that up with a double stiff-arm move to shove off 2 defenders for his second try of the game. Freedom scored again to make it 41-10. Another injury brought on dad Evan, who abandoned his child on the sideline to make his return to the pitch to help the defense with some big hits. Alex finished off the scoring with one more ultra-violent highlight run where he sidestepped his defender and then used his stiff-arm again for a long try.

Man of the match: Alex

Honorable mention: Eric (for allegedly picking on a rookie despite being a rookie himself)

Dad of the match: Evan (sorry Zane)

Next match: 12:30 PM Saturday, October 22, 2016 MIT @ Charles River (Moakley Field, Boston)