MIT shutout Charles River for 4th straight win

Teams:MIT vs Charles River RFC
Played:10/22/2016 @ Moakley Park, Boston, MA
Score: 12 - 0 MIT win

On Saturday, October 22, 2016, MIT took on Charles River RFC. After playing 4 straight games at home, MIT was finally forced to travel, but luckily they only had to go from Cambridge to Boston. The morning rain stopped in time for the kickoff, but would return later during the game. The wet conditions and narrow field made for a low scoring but entertaining affair.

An early dump tackle on Zane led to a penalty kick opportunity for fly-half James from about mid-field. The kick fell short. Inside center Simon then kicked for field position to put MIT inside Charles River’s 22. MIT held the ball for multiple phases but Charles River defended the goal line well and MIT could not get over. A Charles River offside penalty led to another kick for James, who nailed it to take the lead 3-0. A Charles River diving over penalty led to another James kick to make it 6-0.

The highlight of the first half came off a lineout. Hooker Rob connected with 8-man Cody in the line-out. Cody took the ball down and the forwards started a maul. Zach peeled off the back of the maul and found no one home on the weak side. Zach bolted down the sideline in front of the fans. There was no mothering as he steamrolled the opposing winger. MIT eventually turned the ball over but were awarded another penalty just minutes later and James made it 9-0. Charles River struggled to get anything going against the defensive pressure put on by MIT. Jake and Simon shut down everything in the centers. Jarrad had some solid carries and Alex showed his jumping skills by fielding multiple kick-offs in the air. Right before the half, James added one more penalty kick to give MIT a 12-0 cushion. James put on quite the display with his foot; hitting kicks from different angles and distances in the inclement weather a week after missing 3 kicks in the first half.

Charles River upped their intensity in the second half and so did the rain. MIT were content to kick to put Charles River under pressure. The Charles River fullback did well to cover the kicks in the rain, but they were unable to mount a successful counter-attack. MIT committed sloppy penalties and at one point were yellow carded and forced to play a man down. After the yellow card James continued his weekly mission of educating the referees of New England on his interpretation of the rules of rugby. Charles River controlled possession in the second half but could not get over the goal line. Recently hitched (and recently stitched) Toro and soon-to-be-punched-in-the-face Nick came on with fresh legs to help solidify the defense. Jake had a long slide and steal in the mud to create a turnover for MIT. With the pouring rain and sloppy play, the second half was ugly, but MIT was happy to shutout an opponent on the road and get the win.

Man of the match: Alex

Next match: Saturday, October 29, 2016 @ Springfield