MIT eliminated from playoffs in nailbiter

Teams:MIT vs Boston Maccabi RFC
Played:10/19/2019 @ MIT
Score: 0 - 71 MIT loss

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, MIT hosted Boston Maccabi RFC in the first round of the playoffs. Boston Maccabi earned the top playoff spot after an undefeated regular season while MIT squeaked into the bottom spot after an up and down season. In the week leading up to the game, Boston Maccabi had over 30 players out to training, where 2 of the New England Freejack players assisted with coaching. On the other side, MIT were forced to cancel one of their practices due to low numbers; a problem that plagued the team throughout the season. Boston Maccabi scored early and often. MIT's lone highlight came when the ball fell off the tee during a try conversion and James spared the team from an even more embarrassing 73-0.

Next match: 10:45 AM kickoff on 10/26/19 at Providence RFC

Man of the match: kicking tee / wind