MIT B lose on the road to Saratoga

Teams:MIT vs Saratoga
Played:09/15/2012 @ Saratoga
Score: 7 - 10 MIT loss

The B-side game followed the pattern of the A game this week, a physical contest in which some defensive lapses allowed Saratoga the win.

MIT kicked off with the breeze and the opening phases saw some good one off running and equally good defence. The Saratoga winger capitalized on a moment of defensive weakness to breakthrough and score from long range.

MIT reacted positively and out together some good phases of possession with line breaks from number 8, wing and centre. One of the line breaks was finished deftly by winger Patrick to give MIT the lead 7-5.

Saratoga were not to be undone however and their strong running winger, realizing he was not held in the tackle, regained his footing and powered to the line for the winning score.

Tries: Patrick
Conversion: Mick