MIT win against Monadnock

Teams:MIT vs Monadnock
Played:10/31/2010 @ Monadnock
Score: 54 - 10 MIT win

Earlier in the season, Monadnock came down to MIT for a well-played, fun match that ended up very well for MIT (final score 62-0, MIT). However, MIT were taking nothing for granted as they made the trip up to what turned out to be a beautiful, soft pitch surrounded by mountains and trees, still with a lot of autumn color. It was a good bit colder than Cambridge, so after a long warmup MIT looked to come out hard and fast, and keep the temperature up for the duration. The early game saw a lot of penalties, but also a lot of hard, well-contested play. MIT were able to get a couple tries early but Monadnock kept pressure up and repeatedly threatened inside MIT’s 22m. MIT were able to calm it down a bit and (mostly) stop giving away penalties, but not before Monadnock capitalized on a penalty for 3 points. Monadnock also put in one well-earned try and continued pressuring and putting phases together, but at the end of the day MIT’s momentum could not be stopped. A solid B-side half followed, then both sides retired to the pub for a few deserved pints.