Loss to Saratoga

Teams:MIT vs Saratoga
Played:10/23/10 @ Saratoga
Score: 22 - 30 MIT loss

The two remaining undefeated teams in NERFU DIII clashed on a bright fall day in what would prove to be a very exciting match. Both teams came out hard- MIT put in an early try. It seemed like defense would rule the day until after a lot of hard rucking and tackling on both sides, Saratoga were able to go wide for a few quick tries. MIT came back fired up in the second half, attacking hard and keeping defensive pressure up. MIT’s efforts were rewarded with a few tries and the lead. However, Saratoga were not giving up, and pressured MIT hard, eventually capitalizing for a try and sealing the match with a penalty kick not long after. It was a match befitting the top two teams in DIII, living up to the buildup over the early season. Unfortunately MIT did not come out on top but nonetheless it was an effort to be proud of.